Friday, 20 March 2009

News Today

A few pages into today's paper and I smiled - in fact I grinned and couldn't help a chuckle to myself as I read the news item in Hindu "Mallika Sarabhai to contest against Advani"- just imagine that!
and that too as an Independent! That requires confidence, guts - to say " What the hell, I'll just take the biggest BJP honcho on!!" A statement like that from a woman, an artist, dancer, writer, you name it, in today's world - and suddenly the world is filled with hope, light, radiance. Anything can happen now. She is young, beautiful, smart, gutsy - and he is old, crusty, power hungry - stooping to whatever levels to make it to the country's highest office. Yet, today he'll sleep an uneasy sleep, dream a few sordid nightmares, see his own fall, his shame - wonder if he should have spoken up against hate, violence, divisive politics -whether it was all worth it? maybe he'll pray, offer penace to Gods, promise a path of peace, righteousness, if he could only sit on that chair!!

Nah! thats too much day dreaming going on! Better stop here - kudos to Mallika - may her tribe increase!

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