Sunday, 1 March 2009

Whats In a Name...??

I often wonder where words come from - what past associations, what lingering memories, what rainbow reflected mind pools create the bed of layered pasts from which spring words. I have been wondering about how I came to name this blog 'I Witness'. As I pondered on my role as an 'audience' , my self preservative internal need, just to see, think, and not get involved in the larger canvas of social theatre, the name appeared, in my head, on my tongue - easily, naturally, appropriately.

Yesterday, my husband asked me how I chose this name for my new blog, pulling out a volume of 'I Witness -Partial Observations ' that I had picked up many months back - a book of poems by Kapil Sibal. I remember being completely engrossed by KS's words, experiences, imagery. I was moved, haunted, impressed.

If this blog title seems to be borrowed from his, than it is done so unwittingly, but in respect, honor for his shared observations, views, a peek into his internal ramblings.

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