Sunday, 1 March 2009

Using Gender Power

In Bangalore, in Karnataka, a whole gender is under attack. That is half the population is threatened, coerced, terrorised by a male defintion, a party's definition of womanhood, culture, relegion. Yesterday, Advani finally issued a statement 'girls should not be beaten'. Yes, we all know that - all mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends. Most of us also know that 'no one should be beaten' for making individual, personal choices in a so called 'free' democratic society.

Did it really take so long for Advani to some to his senses? To issue a statement? Because of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections?? Is that all he can do? All that the BJP government can do?? Issue a statement? It is really, really funny that he invokes Gandhian values to condone, in some sense, the earlier acts of violence, aggression - something like "Gandhiji did not believe in alcohol"- ha! ha! What else did Gandhi say, you BOZO! Do you not remember? or do you just want us to forget???

It is a laugh that the BJP govt. holds 'anti-terrorism' rallies, issues 'zero-tolerance' stance against terrorism, of protecting a nationhood, borders, boundaries - it cannot protect its women, or does it not want to protect women of this country from its own virtuous self? We will Impose, Subjugate, Violate, We the great custodians of our faith, culture, religion. Or really, is the party so out of control to keep their own kind in check?? Then, please Mr. Advani, just graciously step back, do not participate, contest, national elections. Please say, we the BJP, do not believe women to be equal citizens, we cannot protect them, or will not do so. We only want them hostages in our homes, the earnings generated from behind their purdah, and their democratic votes!You know what!! We will NOT VOTE for you or your kind - no woman will. No woman, who believes in her right to not be beaten, not to be defined, not be bounded, imprisoned - no woman who sees herself as a human - and her right to be so - free, expressive, independent, an equal, secular partner in this largest democracy!

There are large scale protests planned. We must speak, we must protest, in all our multitudinal dimensions, styles, expressions. We must raise a chorus of different voices, colors, castes, relegion - a chorus of one combined womanhood. We will VOTE and NOT FOR YOU!!!

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  1. I have no idea why your Saffron Brigade hates our Green Brigade. They believe in the same kind of stupidities and share their hatred of women.