Monday, 23 August 2010

I believe...

I believe that national or community interests cannot supersede individual rights.

I believe the strength of a nation is indicative in its weakest link.

I believe that cowardice of the comfortable class has killed our collective conscience to seek right action and justice, for benefit of ALL.

I believe that social solutions cannot be addressed by a consumeristic development paradigm.

I believe that our largest and most brilliant development projects showcase India far less than the hunger deaths, farmer suicide, custodial rapes.

I believe that interfering, on a large scale, with our natural environment can only be disastrous to our future.

I believe that society should aim for justice and freedom, to guide acceptable peace.

I believe that man is greater than material - land, wealth or whatever - say, CAR! The right over resources lies first with the rightful, original, habitants of land.

I believe that being pro-large corporates is also anti-human rights.

I believe govt is just a representation of the collective employed to work towards the benefit of the largest common denominator, rather than the highest common factor...

I ALSO believe that my beliefs are subject to growth, clarification, and evolution as I walk this path with a number of my kindred spirits.

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  1. AND I ALSO believe in a revolution who's goal is not to wrest power!