Friday, 21 August 2009

A Friendly Visit from Ms. Clinton

Catching up with back issues of Tehelka, I read with horror an excellent article by Nityanand Jayaraman on the agenda behind Ms.Clinton's visit to India. Apparently, Ms. Clinton was here to help pass a legal bill that provides a safe and small liability cap of a mere $450 million USD, for the operators and providers of India's nuclear power facilities, in case of a disaster! We, as a nation will have to cough up rest of the compensation - i.e. in case we deem it necessary to help out our future Bhopal type victims - and really, we do not have a good track record on taking care our needy, victimized, unfortunate. And, get this, we, the moronic, boot licking nation that we are, have already got a draft of such a bill ready. Why do our elected representatives behave so callously? Who has given them rights to play with lives? And...what is Obama up to, now? The savior of the world only wants to save national, corporate, US interests? Would such a bill be acceptable in his nation? A one time compensation of a mere $500 for lives lost, torn, harm havoc-ed over generations, the suffering, the pain - as in the case of Bhopal tragedy? Is Obama's dream only for the privileged of his world, not pain of all humanity?

How dare the US bring such a proposal to the table, and how dare we accept it???

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