Thursday, 23 April 2009

A Voter's Dilema

Today I vote for the first time in a life which is half a century old. So far, I have hidden behind lack of any real choice; no 'right' candidate that I support, or seek to represent myself, voice my voice in our collective nationhood. There are 28 candidates vying for the Lok Sabha seat from the Bangalore north sector. I have done my home work and studied the bio datas, asset declaration and criminal record list for the candidates. I like one candidate. I also realise that the chances for this candidate to win in this election, or for that matter in any other, are very slim. I am also sure of which party I will not support - and this party seems to be poised for success today. So this is my dilema - do I vote for the person I think is right or do I vote for a really distasteful candidate to keep the power tilted away (at all costs) from the party that poses a real threat to secularism of our nationhood. I remind myself that no 'real' issues are on ticket here. No person is talking about safeguarding basic civil liberties, protecting human rights, considering environmental protection an important issue for development, progress. I just learnt that in the Indian system, a candidate is not required to secure a minimum percentage of votes. So is voting for a no-chance person effectively the same as casting a no-vote??

I still have a few hours left, and till then the choice is open...

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